Roatan, Honduras
February 2003
West Bay Beach on Roatan, an island off the east coast of Honduras. Formerly a British colony, the island is populated by a mix of ex-pat Brits and Americans, the descendants of slaves, and, increasingly, Hondurans from the mainland.
The only significant wildlife on the island are the iguanas, some over two feet long.
What could be more touching than a boy and his iguana?
Little green lizards round out the collection of non-avian fauna.
The weather was uncharacteristically stormy during my first few days on the island, but things soon returned to their normal idyll, and the locals came out to play.
The proper way to cruise the Bay Islands.
There are only three reasons to come to Roatan, and two of those reasons are to play in the water and to lounge on the fabulous beaches.
A climb to the central spine of the island provides a view of West Bay Beach.
My one-room cabana at the Bananarama Dive Resort, just yards from the beach.
An example of the native flora.
A waterfront watering hole in the little town of West End, a longish walk from West Bay Beach.
Luna Beach, between West End and West Bay Beach.
The other reason to come to Roatan is the diving, which is spectacular. The island is ringed by reefs, all just a short distance off shore, and all accessible even to a rank amateur like me. Here, the Bananarama dive boat prepares to carry my fellow divers out to another plunge into clear, warm waters, teeming with fish and coral. My camera, alas, is a complete landlubber.
A tropical paradise.
Every February should be just like this.