Summer 1969
I spent the summer of 1969 on an exchange program, living with a family in Norway. Before joining our host families, we spent a few days in the countryside outside Oslo.
Farmhouse outside Oslo.
Farmhouse outside Oslo.
On a hiking expedition.
Water clean enough to drink...
...but also useful for cooling off.
Dana, in charge of a van full of teenagers.
The Holmenkollen ski jump, Oslo, dates from 1892.
The view from the top of the Holmenkollen. It's plainly off-season, and offers a very wet landing.
View from the Holmenkollen.
Akershus Fort, guarding Oslo harbor.
The Christian Radich, berthed in Oslo harbor.
The Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo.
The Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo.
The Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo.
The Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo.
The Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, at sunset, around 11:00 pm.
One of the many fjords along the west coast of Norway, seen from the train that took me to meet my hosts.
A hydrofoil ferry heading up the Boknafjord from Stavanger.
My home for the next two months, the village of Sauda, at the head of the Saudafjord.
The home of my hosts, the Hagens, with Per Ole, my host "brother," on the porch.
The back of the home of my hosts, the Hagens.
Per Hagen, perched atop the 72-meter tall Slettedalsdammen, looking for birds' nests.
Hiking up out of Sauda, heading for the Hagens' summer hut in the mountains.
Per Hagen, with Rupsi leading the way.
Elfrida Hagen, hauling lumber for an ongoing hut expansion project.
Elfrida Hagen, with what I regard as an utterly inadequate backpack for a load like that.
Per Ole Hagen, taking a break in the pass above the site of the summer hut.
Elfrida, Rupsi, and Per Hagen taking a load off their feet.
The site of the Hagens' summer hut, at the far end of the lake. There was no one else staying at the lake. We caught small lake trout every evening, smoked them overnight, and had them for breakfast.
The hut. The addition was going on the front.
Per Hagen, working on the foundation for the addition.
No power tools.
Elfrida, Per Ole, and cousin Thor working on the foundation for the addition.
Elfrida Hagen.
Per Ole in the stream bed, digging sand for making mortar.
Hauling wet sand up to the hut. When not wielding the camera, I took the front position.
Another load of sand delivered to the job site.
Cousin Thor, visiting from his home in Trondheim.
The addition is framed and roofed.
One of the countless waterfalls of Norway.
The waterfront in Bergen. In mid-summer, the twelve exchange students and their Norwegian "siblings" got together, and took a two-week tour through the central part of the country.
The waterfront in Bergen.
The church in Voss.
A visit to a goat farm.
For a rural Norwegian teenager, goats are not really a novelty.
A glacier.
Getting close to the face of the glacier.
The stave church in Røldal.
Traditional buildings in the open-air Norwegian Folk Museum.
A Viking longboat.
A stave church, one of dozens that dot the countryside.