January 2001
The view south from my room on the Grand Anse beach.
The view north, towards the capital, St. George's.
Schoolkids start an impromptu football game.
The grown-ups join in.
A slave to fashion. Gotta love those colors!
A cruise ship berthed at Grenada's tiny pier, on one side of The Lagoon.
Gouyave, on the west coast of Grenada, a major spice-processing town.
Spice drying platforms that can be wheeled into the building to escape the rain.
The Grand Etang Forest Reserve, in the mountainous interior of the island.
A typical narrow, steep, but sturdy concrete road through the interior.
Definitely a tropical environment.
A refreshing swimming hole at the end of a sweaty hike.
The Lagoon, with a cruise ship at the pier.
Ships waiting offshore for a berth.
The Saturday market in St. George's.
The Saturday market in St. George's.
The western side of St. George's. The town is split by elevated Fort George Point.
The eastern side of St. George's and its inner harbor, the Carenage.
The tunnel that links the two sides of St. George's, barely wide enough for a small van and a single file of pedestrians.
Cannon at Fort George guard the harbor from pirates.
The Carenage, the old inner harbor.
Some vessels never leave the Carenage.
It could be 1700.
The Grand Anse beach in the early morning, with soft sand and warm waters.
Sunbathers on the Grand Anse.
The crescent of the Grand Anse, in changeable weather.
Storm clouds moving in.
Definitely time to find a safe harbor.