Great Sand Dunes
May 2018
On the drive from Durango to Mosca, a brief stop at Chimney Rock National Monument.
Wolf Creek Pass. For the rest of the drive, The Band is stuck in my head.
Wolf Creek Pass. Almost to the tree line, windy, and cold.
Next stop, Great Sand Dunes National Park.
Great Sand Dunes.
Someone who knows how to travel in style.
On the first evening, sunset over San Luis Valley.
Climbers scouting their paths to the top of High Dune.
Great Sand Dunes.
Premature celebration.
A long climb on unstable sand.
Closing on High Dune.
A weather threat that didn't ultimately materialize.
One of several routes to the top.
High Dune.
The view from High Dune, about 700 feet above the surrounding plain.
Great Sand Dunes.
You can make your own trail over the dunes.
A weather threat that did materialize, with lightning and thunder, and a scramble for cover.
Low morning clouds over the dunes.
The Mosca Pass Trail starts at 8300 feet and tops out at 9750 feet. Much heavy breathing.
Looking back over the dunes from the Mosca Pass Trail.
Looking back over the dunes from the Mosca Pass Trail.
Approaching Mosca Pass.
Great Sand Dunes.
Climbers on the dunes.
Great Sand Dunes.
The view from my terrace at the Great Sand Dunes Lodge in Greater Metropolitan Mosca, CO.
Great Sand Dunes.