Prince Edward Island & Maine
July 2010
First stop, Little Pond, Prince Edward Island, for a week with family in a cottage, right of center, on Boughton Bay.
The cottage on Boughton Bay, my brother annoying the neighbors.
Lobster pots at Annandale Wharf, P.E.I.
Lobster pot buoys, Annandale Wharf, P.E.I.
Lobstermen's shacks, Annandale Wharf, P.E.I.
Lobster pots, Annandale Wharf, P.E.I.
Great Blue Heron.
Annandale Range Rear Lighthouse on Annandale Harbor, P.E.I.
It's been three years since I last shot this house in Little Pond, P.E.I., and still no one has given it the tender loving care it deserves. Lick o' paint and a little caulking....
St. Francis de Sales church in Little Pond, P.E.I.
A day's drive south took me to the Maine coast in Acadia National Park.
Homes near Bar Harbor, Maine, just outside the boundaries of the park.
The Maine coast in Acadia National Park.
View to the south from the summit of Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park.
View to the north from the summit of Cadillac Mountain. There's a road to the top, so solitude is not one the mountain's attractions.
View to the northeast from the summit of Cadillac Mountain. The village of Bar Harbor is just right of center.
Bar Harbor, Maine.
The summit of Parkman Mountain, Acadia National Park, on an overcast day.
Miniature forest.
Miniature forest.
Miniature forest.
Acadia National Park is crisscrossed by carriage roads, constructed almost a century ago when the land was privately owned. Today, they're used by hikers, bikers, and the occasional horse rider.
The network of carriage roads is well-marked.
The elaborate stonework of the carriage road bridges (of which there are a number) is remarkable.
One of the gatehouses for the carriage roads. The private wealth behind the construction of these roads, their gatehouses, and their bridges, is obvious.
Morning on Long Pond, Acadia National Park.
Looking northwest from near the summit of Bernard Mountain, Acadia National Park.
Looking north from near the summit of Bernard Mountain.
View to the southeast on the steep trail from Bernard Mountain down to Little Notch.
Near the southern tip of Mount Desert Island, near Bass Harbor, Maine.
Even on a clear day, the fog can roll in quite suddenly as it did here, just off Spurling Point.
Southwest Harbor, Maine, at low tide.
The Bubbles, above Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park.
The Jordan Pond Path.
Some engineering along the Jordan Pond Path.
Throughout the park, small waterfalls spill down from the mountains.
On the trail from Jordan Pond up to the Jordan Cliffs.
My destination, the Jordan Cliffs.
View south from the Jordan Cliffs. This is not a trail for the faint of heart - there are narrow ledges with iron rungs for handholds, wet, slippery rocks where water seeps from the cliffs, and steep drop-offs.